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Amateur Sports

SPORTSguard - CGL & Accident Medical for a wide variety of Sports

SPORTSguard is the insurance solution for brokers looking to place participant liability for sport based risks. This unique CGL product offers up to $5 million and full participant Accident Medical coverage, to produce a comprehensive, unparalleled insurance package. With manuscript wordings to ensure the most complete available coverage for your clients, friendly and efficient staff, Oceanic Underwriters is your market for this specialized segment.

This program targets: 
  • Sports Teams, Leagues & Associations - soccer, baseball, hockey, volleyball, and a multitude of other sport risks
  • Short Term Sporting Events - recreational triathlons, hockey tournaments, fun runs, hockey schools & off season sport training and similar events
  • Sport Facilities - arenas, paintball facilities and much more.
  • All Risks Coverage - for sports equipment, retail stores, rental equipment and food concessions.
  • Not Available in New Brunswick
  • Combined policy with CGL & Accident Medical Coverage
  • Full participant coverage with no participant to participant exclusion
  • Cross Liability & Severability of Interests Clauses included
  • Up to $5 mm limits for CGL
  • Commercial General Liability (occurence basis)
  • Accident/Medical (No Fault) Coverage for out of pocket medical expenses & Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits
  • Non Owned Auto SPF No.6, SEF #94 & SEF #96 included
  • Tenant's Legal Liability
  • Equipment / property coverage available
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