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Adventure Tourism and Recreation

ADVENTUREguard - CGL & Accident Medical for a wide variety of adventure risks

ADVENTUREguard is the insurance solution for brokers looking to place participant liability afor adventure tourism and adventure recreation risks.  This unique CGL product offers in-house authority up to $5 million and full participant Accident and Medical to produce a comprehensive, unparalleled insurance package.  With manuscript wordings to ensure the most complete available coverage for your clients, a strong risk management focus, and friendly and efficient staff, Oceanic Underwriters is your market for this specialized segment.

This program targets: 
  • Guided Adventure Tour Operators & Lesson Provides - hiking, canoeing / kayaking, surfing, skiing, amoung many other exposures
  • Adventure Industry Associations & Clubs - mountain bike associations, running clubs, adventure clubs
  • Third Party Rentals - canoe / kayaks, bikes - when combined with a guided tour or lesson component
  • All Risk Property Coverage - for small buildings, contents, sporting equipment, and retail sales.
  • Not Available in New Brunswick
  • Combined policy with CGL & Accident Medical coverage
  • Full participant coverage with no participant to participant exclusion
  • Cross Liability & Severability of Interest Clauses included
  • Contracted Employees included as insureds
  • Up to $5 mm limits for CGL 
  • Commercial General Liabiltiy (occurrence basis)
  • Accident/Medical (No Fault) Coverage for out of pocket medical expenses & Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits
  • Non Owned Auto SPF No. 6, SEF #94 & SEF #96 included
  • Tenant's Legal Liability
  • Specialized coverages available by endorsement such as Firefighting Expense, Landing Liability, Innkeepers Liability
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