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Procedures on How to Report a Claim

Normal Business Hours

No matter what type of claim you are reporting, your first step during normal business hours is to contact your independent insurance broker. Your broker is there to serve you and will look after all the details of reporting your claim for you.

**Brokers are to report all claims on behalf of insured

Marine Losses in Canada

Property and Casualty Losses

After Hours Emergency Contacts

  • If your emergency happens outside normal business hours, you can call our 24‐hour emergency claims numbers as follows
  • In Vancouver, please call 604‐688‐5651. For calls throughout the rest of Canada please call 1‐800‐387‐5677

**Loss Notice Form is still required from Brokers on after hours emergency claims.

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Head Office: Western Canada 604-689-1501
Ontario & Atlantic Canada 519-850-1610